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Arylide Life Sciences

Arylide Life Sciences is a privately held company that commercializes healthcare products aimed at improving people’s lives. We have a special focus in dermatology and medical aesthetics, offering innovative products based on novel technology and strong science, helping women and men look and feel their best. Arylide is committed to providing medical grade products that meet the highest standards of quality.  Patients, Consumers and Healthcare Professionals are truly our first priority.


CytoDerma™ was born out of a love of skin and enjoying life.  We love healthy skin but found that existing solutions for aesthetic post-procedure and post-surgical care didn't adequately answer patients' concerns about minimizing discomfort, minimizing potential for abnormal scarring and improving recovery time.  So began our quest to develop CytoDerma™, the first-line therapy gel and best solution to help skin recover faster without having patients hide under the covers for days.  CytoDerma™ is proudly developed and made in Canada.  

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